Dr. Ryan Baltrip, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Old Dominion University and Associate Director of the Loyalty Science Lab, brings a blend of academic rigor and industry experience. With a background from the University of Florida, he has demonstrated strategic leadership and marketing success. A pioneer in online learning, Ryan has spearheaded over 50 programs serving 40,000+ students, generating $50M+ annually, and earning national accolades. Specializing in digital marketing, brand management, leadership, consumer behavior, and entrepreneurship, he’s dedicated to preparing future leaders by connecting academia with real-world business.

Many people read the Bible, but how many do not understand it? The Bridge Bible was created to help address this problem. In clear and straightforward language, the Bridge faithfully translates the original biblical texts into an innovative, user-friendly, and easy to understand Bible. The Bridge Bible is a Bible for the 21st Century. It is the most dynamic Bible translation available and will help you fill the gap between the biblical and contemporary world.

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